This super seafood boasts different flavour combinations along with all sorts of cooking styles. This colourful fish is a versatile addition to the dinner table. Whether you like it seared, broiled, grilled or smoked, we have the right portion, vacuum packed for your convenience.


Mackerel (Saba)

Mackerel or saba is a fish widely caught in the sea of the Northern Europe and Japan and does come under many varieties and names. Frozen mackerel is available in Mercado Fresco cleaned, gutted, fillet and vacuum packed. A very versatile fish for all! If you have never had Saba before, this product may be a great choice to start.



A white, textured fish, seabass is a popular feature of menus. It tastes great as both a dinner part dish or supper as it has such a good flavour that it requires only simple cooking. It is farmed extensively in this region, which has kept the price reasonable. At Mercado Fresco, seabass is available whole and un-gutted or in prepared fillets where thick scales are removed and we leave the skin intact, vacuum packed and freshly frozen.